Friday, August 27, 2010

being apart each other

we are apart now, our relationship in distance, rarely contact
i dunno why i hate distance *sometimes
cause it makes me feel uncomfortable, and I asked myself, am I did something wrong?

I know myself, sometimes I wanna be alone, just with music
that doesn't mean I want to avoid my friends, of course not, I just need a time
I just want to look back what i've been through
my past, just learn from it *like what he said
and do my best on the next time
I love to do intrapersonal, cause I feel I do communication with the ONE who create me, and also myself, I love my life :)


Aisya said...

Tikaah cheer up :)

Just follow your heart...
I'll always be here if you ever needed me... don't hesitate to contact me ok? ^^

Atikah Amrul said...

i do, aisya i'm speechless, u always here whenever I need you, may Allah bless u always, thank u so much :')