Friday, August 13, 2010


today's fun!
we've been open our fasting together at WS (Warung Steak)
and after that we take a picture together, we're very loud ya :))

hahahha bcause of me, my friends and I were stuck, wrong take an angkot (one of transportation in Bogor)
the truth is we should across and then take it but we don't
my friends just follow me bcause i'm in front hahahahhaha xD

start from 23th of August, me and all my friends in my class will be separate,bcause we'll join with the students reguler
we've been together for 1 month, but it feels like we've already known each other for years
some of my friends were sad and send me a message, hahaha believe me friends, some of us will be 1 class :))
it's great that our institute had to random the students in our class and move some of them.
so we gonna know where the new students and have more friends :)
that's what communication for :D
share a story, etc.

again, I remembered with DULASMANGKA, i really miss them so badly T___T
icha and achmad were invited me to come for bukber tomorrow but,my brother isn't allowed me to
the reason is my brother afraid that i'll home at night, and I even don't know situation in jakarta
i know, well maybe my brother knows me well than me :)

but i feel sorry to my friends, i can't joined them, altough i wanna joined so muchhhh mucchh muchh
ok i think till here for today, i'm gonna sleep for hours and get up for sahur :D
catch ya later my blog :*

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