Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marhaban ya Ramadhan

alhamdulillah, so thankful to Allah
Allah still give me a chance to have a fasting this year, and I hope I can get a happy fasting next year, amiin xD
thank you my Allah <3
ok my activity this month is
12-13 = UAS
14-18 = holiday *yaaayy xD
19-21 = mpkmb
23 - dst = lecture again joined with reguler students :)
CHEER UP, always say this, SEMANGAT

I hope I never tired to say those words
and I hope I never say "tired"

sometimes I feel that I'm still sensitive, but am I wrong if I feel sensitive if someone being joke with me but for me that word was not good for me
well you know, a words come out from a mouth is a pray?

and I tried to have introspection by myself...
but am I changed?
or still the same?
what about my heart?

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