Tuesday, September 27, 2011

and about yesterday morning

I feel sad, really sad, at first I think that's because the task that I've done about a day so my mood was changed, but I was wrong, the more I saw my friends presentation about their logos the more I feel scared and sad
I wanted get the presentation on next week, but my lecturer called me to presentation ohh nooo
the comment about my logo : kursus musik (km)
"well the named of ur company should be more better than this"
and I heard one of my friends said : KM?kamar mandi *means the toilet
and some say kilometer, aanndd so on
I feel panic, I know that I'm happy to get a comment for my introspection in the future
I don't know why at that time I feel more sad, and getting down oh nooooooooooo I hate this moment, really I wanna cry..
then when I get sit, down my head and cry, really I don't understand, what's wrong with me?
I wanna be alone at that day
and someone talked to me, even that's a joke, but I feel a little better, thank you :)

so I walked by myself and I told to my friends that I want to go to have a photocopy and printed my task
after eat, I feel better, and I still tried to find out what's wrong with me at that day
and I know now, I miss my family!!!!
then I asked my father to call me
oh after talked to my father I feel better >.<
alhamdulillah :')

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