Monday, November 9, 2015

Winter love

Early in the morning when the sun is still hiding
And the clouds that covering the sky
As I come out going work with father
I opened the window of car and enjoyed the wind as it touches my face

I feel safe, because no one can opened one of the car door (beside driver seat where I am), only we can opened it from the inside using screwdriver, after a month it has to be opened from outside, I always told daddy before he opened for me "well, Princess wanna come out" and daddy always answer it with
"Daddy till when will you fix this one?"
Well our beloved Mitsubishi Galant's are the old car, so it's a bit hard to find the spare parts here, and daddy always busy...

It's okay as we can get over it..

So, back to the main topic, as the winter season's coming, there's something special that I''ve been longing for...

And it's always come in winter....

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