Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Everyone did complain, but the differences are some of them take it easily, and some of them think about it all the day, the dangerous thing from complaining it can impact to their way of lives

Including me, I exactly remember how my life in SHS, I did complaining a lot, specially to my mom, why and why keeping asking that..

until one day I realized, even people complaining about this and that, they're still alive, lol
it didnt give much impact to the other, but to theirself, anyway it depends on how they think about life is...

so, from that day, I wanna take it as a positive thing, it's okay to complaining, it just matter to make us feel better, without knowing what the exactly the reason behind that, yes I heard a lot people saying "everything happens for a reason" so the problems is ourselves...

just because we are feeling not in the good mood, we throwing temper there and there, but have you asked yourself, what's the main problem?is it good to do that?you did that so you think you may feel lot better, but the truth is you just opened the door of another problem
and people around you may think like "what happened to you?"

let's start to know self better, the only one who know ourselves is ours, do what can make you feel better, it's okay to complain, make it enough without bring bad to others.... 

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