Thursday, December 3, 2015


Winter has come, not sure if its already winter or still going on, in reality I still have to wake up early in the morning, wearing jacket as I going to work, and took it off as I'm going home
Got mixed up this last two weeks, can't sleep properly, started from one of my activity that will change oh God do I ready for that?and did I choose the right thing?
Even small sounds from TV will wakes me up, maybe I just think too much, haaa stressed out
I need to clear up my mind, so I did throwback and now is December already, throughout this year I feel so much process I've been through
Year of 2013 the hardest year for me, have to be positive even though all didn't going well as I planned...
Year of 2014 the year of where I start it all, new plans, new friends, unexpected moments, phew I've been through so many new things then!
And this year, I called "the year of process", of course every year has its own stories, still looking forward what will happen next, tomorrow's still mystery, lots of hope and pray and inshaa Allah everything's gonna be alright...

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