Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Resume of 2015

Allah itu so sweet
Allah itu listening for every single prayer
Allah itu for sincerity are Allah's most favorite


So, what's about the year of 2015?

Okay this year I experience the most about the process, specially about du'a, actually started to realized it on last October 2014, I asked once how lucky if I can sit on cockpit, then Allah answered right before I performed hajj

Then about two months ago, when I'm very hungry I asked Allah that I wanna eat meat with teriyaki sauce, rendang, something with meat as the main dish, the Allah answered alsoo!! So many things if I flashed back, I should have been more thankful n grateful for what Allah has given to me...
O Allah I seek for forgiveness... 

It's all about believe, n how beautiful that the universe also helpin out to make dreams come true, aanndd specially when it turns out to the one we called "destiny" thing happened, then we'll be like oh it's happened by coincidence #blushing
But in the end I realized that there's nothing happened coincidence, it's just how we face it and think how to deal with it in positive ways..

Yes, just tell Allah, tell Allah everything for what you've been through, what you want, I learn one thing to be patience. Because it's just the matter of time...

So now, I look forward for another gifts from Allah on next year of 2016th!
Thank you Allah n alhamdulillah for every gifts that You've given in 2015th, You wrapped up for every single gift very beautiful

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