Monday, August 15, 2016

comfort zone

comfort zone...

for some people might stay if they found already their comfort zone, but for some other who wants find more challenging in life will wont stay...

Indeed I found mine already, but doesnt mean I dont want more, I do will looking for more so I changing the words from "out from your comfort zone" to "expand my comfort zone"
sounds different?yeaaaa comfort zone itself for me doesnt have only one meaning, it depends on how we set our mind to be more flexible, well I heard people said "the key is in our mind itself"

so that's why we often found the people who got locked by themself, just because they don't want to try to open their mind, going afraid to try to take the next step, the new one....

in this country where I stay, SA, I dont find myself being locked as how they say, I feel free, indeed we have to wear abaya, but doesnt mean we're not free, being free is depends on how we set our mind..

I love this country and may Allah always protect my own country and SA...aameen

and now I fall in love with abaya, it has so much benefit from it, and one of it for me, I can prepare myself whenever I wanna go outside just simply wear abaya without people knowing I wear pajama inside, lol

and the most thing I love for wearing abaya is I can simply use it for pray

many friends asked me why I didn't go back to my country, simply I just love where I stay, and I wanna expand my comfort zone with my own way...

have a nice day, 

I love August


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