Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Morning :)

I feel calm this morning, so I get up and take a bath, hoaa refreshing myself :D

so, I make a sphagetti huaa and it's delicious hikz hikz xD
how happy I am, I made it by myself, even tough my mom still give me help hihi but it's ok :D:D

humm I feel I can cook anything amiin xD
I wanna be like mom, can cook anything so she can make her family happy and proud of her, I wanna be like mom, who can give her family and other people a good foods :')
Mom I love you <3 and also my Dad x)
Because of Allah I can feel calm, so I opened the window and feel it wind, it's cold, but make my heart feel warmth ....

good morning my hunny and my friends hihi how are ya today? <3

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