Monday, November 23, 2009

my father

well, this morning, at 6.00 I woke up and then I cooked noodles with meat ball, and eggs
after that we eat together hihi ^^
but only me and my father, and the other still sleeping
and we drank milk, and I saw my sister, she already woke up, but she still busy with her phone, well it's her problem, her eyes got red T___T how poor she is
and then I pick her a noodles, and eat with her ^^

and at least she told me what happened with her, and I gave her suggestion.
not too long while we eat, my father called our neighbour, Mr. Hamim
huahahaha we can hear it what they talked about, coz his window are our room LOL

Me and my sister got laugh, I think, my father just wasted his account, humm it's better to give me his account than he use it just to call our neighbour, right? :P:P

well, my love, i'm sorry that I didn't replied ur message, coz I still didn't fill my account, later ya? :D

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