Monday, November 2, 2009

About The Strap :D

humm kira2 Tika kelas SMP, kelas 1 apa 2 apa 3 I can't remember well xD
but at that condition when I receive it from Pita, I can remember well
so, before she go to Indonesia, she told me like this
Pita : Tik, mw nitip apa tar dari Indo?
Tika : umm apa yah?pengen sumthin wat sum1 nih :D
Pita : humm ywd aku juga mw beli sumthin wat Reyhan
Tika : ywd Tika juga nitip sama beda model aja :D

and when she came back, she already gave it to his bf, and asked me
pita : tika, gmana dah kamu kasih lom?
tika : umm engga, tika lagi gtw mw ngasih gmana, udah tar aja lagi lom siap
pita : yaah ywd d secepatnya ya

and till he went back to Indonesia sum1 that I like on that time, I just keep it and saw it, my heart said "who is he?that will accept this strap?"
and I ever think that I want to use it by myself, but then I made a decision, I should give this strap to someone that I love.... <3

and, till the 1st time that I had a bf --"
and our relationship are LDR, pas mw ketemu, SIR ke SIJ, so we meet there, I want to give it, but dunno why my heart said "don't give it, coz I think he's not the right person" so I asked my sist, and she said "if ur heart told u that u can't, then better to follow ur heart"
ok, and at last I just gave him a shirt, and not long time after I came back from Jeddah, he called me and asked to break up LOL

and I've thinking about it strap
"feuuwwh thank u God, that I'm not give it to him, coz I already love this strap, I must give it to sum1 that suit with my heart"

and the 2nd bf.....
I looked at strap, I want to give it to him on his birthday, but, it feeling was came back, my heart said it again n again....
hummm again n again when I don't want to give it to him, he asked me to broke up, OMG, LOL
then I take a look on strap and dunno what to say, my heart was scream "huaaaaaaa y Allah, who will I give it to?or will I give it to my husband?huahahhaa c'mon it's still far away"

"uh I was thinking who is the person, a good person that I should give it to, and my heart said, (I don't want to find bf in Indonesia, I want to meet him since I was here, so I can know him and his family)"

and till one day.... :):):)

the 1st time I meet him, I can remember on that night in Indonesian Embassy, I was sat down on chair, and he was through on me, with Fahmi and Fahmi's cousin, at 1st I think that he's from Philippine huahahaha ^^V

coz at that time Fahmi still school at International School, so I think, oh maybe his friend, but I feel sumthin different, so I look at him, and I think he was looked at me too :P:P
dunno why and what's happen, I want to looked at him, my heart felt sumthin and said "I want to know this person"

day by day, I know him, more and more
till now, it feeling has come, u know it's different than before
I keep on my faith, my heart said "yes, it's him, u should give it to him, u can"

humm so on that night, I gave it to him hihihi and he gives me his bright smile and said "thank you"
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my heart goes beatiingg xD

congratulations, ur the person that I've been waiting 4 :)
so that's all about strap
thank u God, ur scenario are soo soo beautiful x)

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