Sunday, November 13, 2011


today I went to Kemuning Gading bring my Papo
honestly, I feel lazy today, I think I need time to refresh my mind T___T
I've been busy by going anywhere, doing hunting, back home, take my lappy, sometimes need to bring out my lappy to homestay to do my assignment err
so what am I doing at Kemuning Gading?
of course dancing India for the second time o.o
again uh?
but at this time me and my friends not complete at all, we're just about 10 person not like before15 yeah because the other been busy by their activity :( I wish at that time we're completely to dancing together

and after that we went to Jakarta, return the costumes till about 3 pm while our on way to Bogor it's a big raining damn, even the sky was really dark o.o
but I enjoyed inside the car ^^

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