Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i sad then u do the same

I told my brother about something...
and suddenly what I told him was made him feel the same
what a brother n sister
we feel sad tonight, really.
oh hope tomorrow will be different, we may greet the morning as the new day and a bright day

ah today I made 2 of sandwich for a demo, hmm the first sandwich called a "double cheese love" but in front of the class I said "the double cheese with love sandwich" it must be because i'm nervous when putting it all one by one like the tomatoes, the cucumbers piece, and the omelette  my hands were trembles >.< 
and the second I called "sandwich buat si kecil" which means for kid, it must be called "a chocolate's sandwich" waaaaaaaaaaaaa x____x
and I'm forget to take a picture of my sandwiches that I've made, but the happy things for me is my friends were liked it :)

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