Sunday, November 6, 2011

the good day

one day I went to Depok, to k tita's homestay, I don't know what 'kosan' is, fool me
I'm in bad mood to write this though but I want to share about photography that I took at Depok, at first I don't want to bring my camera, I asked Tita what can I take in Depok, should we do hunting?but she said no, in Depok we don't have a place or special things to take with.and I decided to bring my beloved Nikon named "Papo" *let's adventure together Papo ^^
I went there by train myself, geez that's my first time went to Depok by myself without my friends o.o
i just pray to my Allah to safe me till Depok
uaaah I'm happy that I arrived Depok safely and meet Tita, thank u Allah :*
hmm fortunately there are lots of objects that I can take with, when we went to Margo, there is an event of margomobile, I'm happy I can took a pict closer with that stage :

btw look at between his thigh wkwkwk

aaand I met Ochiiim and his sister, Fitri who's gonna get marry on next week, happy for you ^^

ochim and his sister

fitri's fitting her shoes

 Tita and Ochim :D

 who's she? :))
 me and ochim

 o.o how funny, hahaha

they're in storebook, so I took a photo's of them, well one of them said : hey, we've caught by a camera! don't forget to tag me on facebook, and his friend said : u still use fb?I use friendster :))


cylindrica said...

come again someday, i'm waiting loh :D

tika said...

of course i.allah <3 come to Bogor unni <3