Sunday, November 6, 2011

the snack

hmm I do like a chips except cassava, because it doesn't have a taste, I mean the flavor not tasty even it crunchy as potatoes, then one day my friends were talking about maicih, and the more surprising it has a LEVEL!from 1 or five till 10 level, damn! it's like a game, what about if I have the last level where I'm gonna fight the king in the of the game hahaha no that's not it
I never buy that snack but my friends who loves spicy yes they does. so I tried from level 5 hmm yeah it's spicy but not much, argh it's not tasty by it's flavour, dunno why I don't like that chips and I tried at level 10 WOOOHOOOO THAT'S SO HOT!!HOT!! just eat about 6 chips I can't bear it, I drank water till I feel full but it wasn't enough to make it that spicy in my mouth and I lose control with my mouth opened and I got dizzy and at that time I found the syrup, I drank it a much without adding it with water  =____= geezzz

till I found again about cassava chips called KARUHUN!
hmm what's the different with maicih?I look my friends were bought it and I saw the product whoa, sounds interesting after my friends told me that it's different and it has a lemon taste *yehhaa that's my favorite, LEMON!
hmm so I find my friends who sell that chips, and bought it, and I can't wait to try that chips. I went to homestay and I picked 1 anddd........

NYUMMYYY!!!SO CRUCHY and it's real have a taste!this is what I've been searching hihihi <3
yeah I bought it twice and now I addicted of karuhun =9
but I heard that there's a new cassava chips called Margonah or Markonah or etc I'm forget and it's hard to remember, sounds funny

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