Thursday, October 29, 2009

about my brother's birthday

today is his birthday, my brother, Ardiansyah :D:D
so, we celebrated it together on 12.00 am OMG I'm in my nice dream, my sist wake me up, huaaahhmm T___T
but it's OK for my brotha :D

so we are on living room, we ate KFC together and take a pic, cut a cake, BLACK FOREST, that's my brotha's favourite cake
and after that, my brother got advices from my parents, and his uncle

so this is what we are waiting, OPEN THE GIFT from Mom, Dad, my Sist, and Me :D:D
there is 2 gifts, 1 choosed by me, and 1 choosed by my sist, and we buy it by my dad, my sist and me :D:D

so at first, he opened the 1st gift from me, it is a small cute Holy Al Qur'an *huaa actually I LOVE IT, but ok it's a beautiful Qur'an for him*

k Adi : hehehe makasi atik, *he want to cry I think :D*
tika : hehehe iah sama2 huaa take a photooo
and Dania take a photos of us :D:D

and I'm happy too that my brother at last got removed his braces 1 day before his birthday, so we smiled soo brightly <3
after that, the 2nd gift is, what he want...and he didn't realize it, he think at first that was a small watch, but when he opened it, it was NOKIA N79, OMG and he crying, and sujud....
he was surprised

k adi : Y Allah,,,y Allah, astaghfirullah
tika : iih jangan astaghfirullah, Alhamdulillah dun
k adi : ia ia Alhamdulilah huaaahaaaa (crying) makasi mama, bapak, diana, atik
tika : k adii, dengerin tika, 1 pegangan aja buat k adi, ini bagi2 pengalaman, bener2, RENCANA ALLAH ITU INDAH :)
k adi : ia tik, makasi :')

and...all was crying huaaa T__________T
he is soo happy, but...he already got dump by his ex, and he's waiting 4 her to sent a message to him and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

but, it isn't come yet :( poor my brother huhuhuhu
tika : does she send u a message?
k adi : nope....
tika : it's okay bro
k adi : I did wrong if I waiting 4 her
tika : yea coz ur family are more care to you :)
k adi : yup

*God, thank u 4 sent me a nice person like R_____, wish that all my brothers and my sister will get someone that suit with them, amiin*

I <3 u much Allah :D

and,,,I <3 u R_____ :)
huaa wish our love forever till the end of time, amiin x)

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