Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is what I've been waiting 4

huaaa I'm happy today x)

I meet him >< umm he was stand up in basement, and when I opened the door, I didn't realized that he was stand behind me, and when I look at back, he is smiling at me :">

huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa his face, the way he smile, so cute, I like him

huhuhuhu I love u more x)
and we talked at stairs of basement, but just a minute, it's ok but I'm happy, but wanna talk to him more ><
God, when we can talk face to face?
huaaa I like it when u smile :D

umm and I sing a song 4 u, did u like it?hihihi ^^

ok we'll meet at embassy, catch ya later my <3

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