Thursday, October 29, 2009

if only I could wish that tonight would never end T__T

_listening The Fray - Never Say Never_

umm x)

we walked together, we talked together, buuuuut we didn't talk much huuuh *gemeeesss
maybe he was shy aw aw huahahahha ^^V or he don't know what should he say :P
humm I gave it to him, the strap...
and he said thank u, and he used it huaa thank u so much

huaah when I give it to him, my heart goes beating... >< now I start to miss u :( I feel it was not enough, I want to talk to you more more and more... God, Ur scenario... <3 humm wanna scream out loud, to call out his name... :):):) his smile... DON'T LET ME GO AND I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO ><

uh I wanna cry of happiness, but I can't, I'm too happy x)
never felt like this before...


Full Buster said...

bener dua2na....
shy n dunno what to say :D:D

me & myself said...

huahahaha yea ur right xD

Full Buster said...

how bout you ??