Wednesday, October 28, 2009

huahahahha I'm happy lho :))

today our class have an exercise 4 tomorrow that we will have a selection 4 our school's birthday :)

and we will sing a song Gaby Idol - Begitu Indah and Hugh Grant ft saha lupa - Way Back Into Love

and so I must sing with my friend, and some of my friends do a song like "dododo nanana" etc


seem that I'm nothing there, and I start to boring, I wanna cry, and I thinking that I'm a sensitive girl, I know, but I can't throw it away...

and Aisya, she seems know me, and she asked me, and also Farah, but Farah at that time was busy, so Aisya ask me to walk away, and then I tell her that I was mad, and sad and wanna cry and so on *I think, OMG how childish I am :(

but Aisya told me, is okay Tika :)

and,, while I'm sad but already cure but no all....HE SENT ME A MESSAGE gyaaa how happy I am

huaa but thank u Aisya, u are here while I'm sad too T___T
wish that I can be there 4 u too if u sad Aisya, but wish u always be happy and full of spirit ;)

so, my mood was totally changed about 360 derajat *lebaiii but it's REAL* huahahaha

huaa I'm happy that he come to my at the right time, huaa My GOD >< thank u thank u my love <3

hihihi ^^

wish that I always there 4 u too more more and more :)
even tough that we aren't always meet each other T__T

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