Monday, December 7, 2009

it's raining...

well, today I feel happy, unhappy, mixed :P
u could say it happy, coz rained till I can see the rainbow, how beautiful
thank u God, to give me these normal eyes alhamdulillah :)

humm it makes me more miss him T___T
really, kita tu yang namanya ketemu jarang banget, ada si 1 bulan beberapa x ketemu, tapi tetep aja, bagi kita tu g cukup, pengennya klo ada STOP TIME huih how happy deh xD

this is the situation of rain in the yard of school :D

how beautiful masya Allah, isn't it? :D


Aisya said...

huwaaaa i also saw the rainbow today... n a lil' bit of sunshine behind the clouds... it reminds me of him... but anyways it was beautiful :D

Atikah Rahmasari said...

yeah xD
it was so beautiful ><
aisya, u'll meet him soon
as fast as possible hihi ^^