Friday, December 25, 2009

last night

ok so Me and my cousins went to malahi *arab's dufan, like that but not big as in Indonesia, but yeah I've fun there :D

I love my handphone, coz it useful for take a photos, hihihi :D
we can control the white balance and so on, how good sony ^^

and bcause of that, I want my cellphone still with me, so I turn it off, and put it in my glasses box, hahaha and the result is "pass" :))

we played gurita, omg, so fast, and I have fun with it coz while playing with it, I'm using my Ipod hihihi with a good song, how cool :D

*egh berantakan*

till I went home safely and slept, ups I send him a message before :D

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