Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my day in the morning while on my way to school

do you know?
I usually get up at 6, that's mean sometimes I get my subuh at that time hahahaha what dodol me --"
i wanna be a discipline person, well but it's hard 4 me, but I'll never tired to keep try, cause I have my chance ^^
ok after that, i take a bath and so on till prepare to go to school i just need 20 minutes ^^
from get up till wear my shoes :D
but I must waiting my father, so we usually going to school 7.20 or 7.15
but when the week of my mom's trade of foods, I always going to school early, at 6.30
naah at that time, on my way to school, what I did is just look at the right side of road, what I looked at?

I find a bus of Al Rowad, which he take a bus with <3
as I know, he took a white bus of his school x)
how glad when I saw that bus, even tough the windows is black --"
but I'm happy, I can feel our hearts :)

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