Friday, December 25, 2009

my childhood

well, about my sister
before I born, my sister scared of dolls, many dolls that she don't want to play with it
till I've born, and when I'm at 4 years maybe, I start to play with it and my sister was not scared anymore :D
well day by day we collected many dolls from our friends or we bought it and we named its dolls hahahaha

so many names, Ista (from it doll, written on it "It's a girl" ga nyambung ya jadi Ista, it should be Itsa :P), Cici (Cici Paramida kale), Uin (dari pinguin), Nina, Minnie, Bebek, Bobi and so on.

hahahaha when we named it. we even don't know where we got an inspiration from where so we named it :P
aaannd, we always took a bath together, and it's took a long time in the bathroom, we always took a bath till our mom knock out the door, we played with the water, laughed together, jump, all in the bathroom while we bath =))

oh my, wanna go back at that time ^^

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