Monday, July 18, 2011

hello Riyadh :)

thank u Allah, alhamdulillah
now I'm here, the place where I was born :')
when the plane was landing, in my heart just singing Maher Zain's song - Alhamdulillah

i'm sorry that I can post now, well the dsl in my home just repaired -___-

on Tuesday - Friday insya Allah I'll go to Mecca, once again, alhamdulillah, Mecca, i'm comiiingg <3
oh how I missed the past day where me and my friends when we still in SHS, we went umroh together, now that moments happened over 2 years ago, how fast o.o

btw, the end of harry potter the deadly hallows part 2 are coming out already T___T
and my friend here have watched it lucky her
but, my friends in Indonesia haven't watch it yet, bcause in this year the harry potter's movie wasn't come in there oh noooo how bad :(

the other things, he just brought me an ice cream, hoho thank uuu so much ^^
your debt has been paid hehehehe


I miss Bogor alreadyy waaaah, I miss bakso boboho, mie ayam, bubur sumsum, annndd so on
and I miss my friends, specially BB <3
and my friends in my old homestay
miss u all hiks :'(

alhamdulillah my IP wasn't bad at all hehe even tough it's still same as the last semester grrr
but it's alright, let's do the best for next semester
here I come the 3rd semester, hope I'll get a better IP, amiiiiiiiiiiiin

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