Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I can't sleep

I can't sleep so I just want to write down what I'm thinking now....
I want to flashback what I've done, thank's to Allah, to give me a chance to live in this world, to give me many things to learn, so I know life is learning....
I thankful to Allah...alhamdulillah :)
I know I'm a sensitive person, because I know it so I want to change it,,but It's not easy as flipping your hand..
well, it's a simple thing, ex : i meet someone who I know, and then I say hello and smiled to her/him, but he/she doesn't give me a smile back, then i think that "what's wrong with me?did I do something wrong?"
damn, it called suudzon hahahhaha which I want to minimiser it =___=

and one of my lecturer told me that if you wanna know why you have your attitude like this, then see your parents...
I know now why I'm a sensitive person, but, let's make it minimiser :)

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