Saturday, July 30, 2011

know what?

I was happy outside, but inside?
Inside, I don't know certainly, am I happy or sad, even I said that outside I was happy, then inside must be sad?
I think no...
Inside I feel empty, inside I feel sad, and the weird things is I feel happy too =___=


I need love, but I feel empty
oh or I don't need love?no that's a BIG LIE!!
where that feelings go?

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Anonymous said...

Things comes and go, like a wind, the good wind always rounding around the world, and will come back at the time with goodness.

the good things shall back again...but only good who know.

the things you feel inside, must be somethings mixed, that's normal. but something you must to figure it out.

if you know, love is something complicated, so that might be the problem you must considered about.

or...maybe you have some1 but he's never showed up his heart, or maybe both (you and him).

about the feeling of love(love of someone to be guidance), where did it go....

he's hiding from your heart, but he is inside your heart since long time ago, the feeling is not go anywhere, he is just hide and don't brave to comeback again,

I may said that, or maybe somethings new in your heart, or somethings old that coming should try to figure it out...

:-) you may ask if something don't understand :)