Friday, December 2, 2011

fitri's marriage

I should post this about a month ago, but I just not in my mood and don't have time and... forget hehe
I went to Depok to Tita's kos,,hmm after that we prepared but we're late u know, and that was a bad day suddenly for me and her ;(
tita said : oohh i just wanna cry tikaaah
and I said : c'mon cheer up, just don't be sad, it's alrite
grrr I wanna angry to that damn taxi =___=
beside that we've got the mis-communication specially the operator and the driver
well that's alrite, just take it as a experience on the future :)
but we're happy that we can came to her wedding's day
anyway we got the pict!taa daaa
beautiful sister masya Allah - I love this pic ;)
funny hihihi

how sweet, wondering when that time will come to me 'the marriage' waaa x___x
we're happy 4 ur wedding sister! n.n

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