Sunday, December 25, 2011

the holidays

started from 21st december till 2nd january i'm in holidays yeeaaayy *i'm not in holidays actually...on 3rd january i'll have an exams, face the truth x___x
hahahha so this holidays i should be prepare for it
even the 25th december the christian were celebrated christmast
well happy christmast for people who celebrate it :)

so, i go back home from my dorms and so does my friends
and I left my laundry and it's been 4 days ago since I washed and haven't put them all yet o.o
at night, me and my brother decided to go to Botani, searching for turmeric powder, I wanna cook empal but my brother don't like it errr it's delicious rite?rite?
what I love in botani iiisss the HOTDOG!soo nyuummyy I've never seen a sausage like that in Indonesia actually, because the common sausage were so so small...
my brother send this pic to my sister in Riyadh, and she got envyy xoxoxo come here sist, I wish u were here and joined us :'(

my sister use this pic in her bbm to deceive some of her friends that she is in indonesia right now =___= *she told me that my face's similiar with her #nocomment tee hee

i'm watching the 3D tv using the glasses of 3D mihihihi #lookstacky =___=

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