Saturday, December 3, 2011

cinut's birthday

wee hoo, we've been having a nice day yesterday!
my class were congratulated Cinut as that day was her birthday, well wish u all the best and always success girl, amin ;)
and we the India's group were going 'home' we said that house, the place which used to be a practice dance before the cultural festival was
we're goin there again, so we laughed, and we ate the cakes, Cinut brought the foods too, her mom's cooked that, soo nyummy, so sad that I don't bring my Papo ;(
but that's okay, still have my sony <3

her 18th birthday, she's wearing a white blouse

and after that we planned to have karaoke at the vista, but after having a class, and it's rained yesterday on my way to take my papo hhiiiks, but I covered Papo in my bag and my jacket so Papo is safe from the raindrops ;)
aaaaaaaaaaaannnndd after the class we went to vista, we arrived there, waiting for the others and ordered the room and WE ROCK THAT DAY hahaha
singing till drops but not for us, although we took 2 hours
here's the pict
he's not singing lol

 yeah dance dance dance

thank you my friends, that was a nice day really, how comfy love you all :*

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