Sunday, December 25, 2011

the korean people

it's like DREAM!aaaaaaaa I remember that I ever pray to God...
dear God, I wanna meet korean people and have a chat with them using Korean language, I just wanna know them...amin...

#am I wrong to pray like that?#

but God answered my pray!
one day I wanna back to dorm, but my friend lost her phone and she cried so much, poor her :(
and I told her, wish u got better than ur missing old phone, u'll get an Iphone soon hehehe

so I'm waiting till all my friends and she get back home, while waiting my cousin sms me :
where are you?now I'm otw Botani, can we meet there?miss ya
gonna tell you if I arrived botani

and I answered :
I still at campus, will be finished in a moment, okay see ya there

the surprised thing he said :
do u still remember the korean language?I have a guest from Korean ;)
WHOAAA it's like something up in my heartbeat REALLY???
I went to botani A.S.A.P lol
we met at Gramedia, and when I see my cousin were talked to someone named Lee Jin-Woo
kiwkiw he's handsome #PLAKKK

and I introduced to him, I think just one person, but actually he and 6 his friends c____c
he's a kind person, and he looks excited when I speaking korean blinkblink
some of them asked me to take a photo together
Lee Jin-Woo on left side, and Park Hoon Sung on right side of me was a kind person too, we talked a lot specially about korean actor, and singer hehe

they wrote the label
they said that korean people always busy with their smart phone *nyo?

Alhamdulillah y Allah, and thank you my cousin
if you wanna ur dreams come true, just believe to Allah by ur pray :)

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