Saturday, December 3, 2011

be wise be better be mature

be wise, and be positive thinkin'
what the past is just be the past, don't ever mind about it, let it flow now let's face the future
I know nobody's perfect, including me
about the past, there are the sweet moment, unforgettable moment
and there is a bad things to remember, i mean bad moment
in this case, people always  remember the bad things what the people's done
I know I ever do mistake to someone, and i'm so sorry for that what i've done make you hurt
I know that person will never forget the things that i've done to her/him
whoever he/she is, never mind for me, just sorry
and for me, who ever make me hurt, never mind for me, I know what we say is irreversible, so let it be the past, let;s not remember about how we get hurt by someone
let's remember the good things that we've through, by doing that, sure you can through your life without no worry ;)
changing ur mind ain't easy as flipping hand, but what about if we try?
honestly, sometimes I'm tired to be myself, thinking about anyone, thinking about what i've done to my friends, debate with myself....selfish
one more thing, I wanna hide my expression of what I feel
if I sad, my friends asked me, they know from my face, from my expression o.o
"what's wrong with you?u're not happy as usual"
even I tried to hide while i'm crying like yesterday in the class

okay, I upset my with my friend, he said something and made me mad, really
but never mind, just forget it, let it be the past
maybe it's hard, but I wanna enjoy myself, try to not thinking about something too much like usual
I know it's bad for me
let's cheer up and be better than before, all I want to do is just remember the good moments, the good things 4 what people done to me and what we've been through after all this time :)

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