Wednesday, January 27, 2010


well today I feel something weird in my heart, all in one, feel dizzy, I cry I cry and I cry T______________T


dunno why, he always come, he always there, when I cry...why?
I even dunno why ><
at that time, he change my bad mood to good mood :)

at that time I can't control myself, don't u know?I just wasted my time!!!!
it's hard to meet him ><
only certain time we can meet each other, but???
why I just left him ???
I just went away, without say nothing......

I'm so sorry T________________________________T
I really really I'm, I don't mean it :(

after a hour I cried, my sister send me a message, she told me that he was here....
at first, I can believe it, I tried to read it again, I think my sister told me that he was ol, but, it's uncommon, she wouldn't sent me a message, that's mean he really was here !

I'm so sorry at this time I can't accompany u to go anywhere...
but after my national exams, let's hang out together :')

"I'm happy when u said to me "why?" while my heart was sad"
thank u so much :')
<3 u

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