Saturday, January 30, 2010

what a day LOL

today is achmad birthday, don't u know?
achmad brought a cake called Black Forest maybe coz it tastes great xD

ok so after that, my friends started to put the cakes on achmad's face and he said "udah dong, udaah bimbeel" while he said that, his friends keep do it and also ME :))
but I just once, and so many my friends more than me, til his face like a statue :))
I prefer to eat coz I'm hungry at that time, while I'm eating, my feeling just said "tika, watch out, achmad bakal ngamuk nih balesin semua satu per satu"
so I looked back, and that's RIGHT! achmad stand up from his sit, and I run away with Icha n Aisya, my another friends scream out loud "gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

so we hide for a while, when we came back, icha and aisya are running again, except me!
all my friends, except me, manda (at that time in her house), aisya n icha, already got it cake on their face :))

so when I want to run again, it late coz annie already catch me till I got down ampe guling2 and my friends catch ME waaaaaaaaaa my face full of chocolate ><
don't u know?I taste it cake twice, but from my lips :))
and some of my friends put it till it got into my NOSE!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tika ngupil (ngeluarin tu kue yg masuk idung)yg ada kue cokelat deh yang keluar =))
*PD banget ya ngomongnya?* ^^V
but the most parah tu TIKA! ampe guling2 gara2 pada nyerbu --"

yah cemong dah tika, errr happy and fun :))
and when manda's back to school, and she looked us, she said "omg" and run away =))
so when she came back, and after bimbel, we put all sisa of chocolates on her face but parahnya ampe nyiram pake air 1 botol, LOL
manda has twice her birthday :))

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