Tuesday, January 19, 2010

injection makes me sad n got lil sick

so this morning I'm busy with my formulir to IPB, they said that it's late, but I'm optimistic that it will be accepted, amiin xD there's still a time :D

at 9.00 the doctor and his antek2 come to my school, so from junior till senior high school should got injection, except fadil n ryan, they keep playin basketball =))
ryan was so scared about injection :))

and before I turn is manda, she's so scared, she called my name with fear, omg it makes me feel scared too, dunno why, maybe just because I got cold --"
I already with my left hand, but the arabic person said "ckckckck (he told me to right arm)"
omg, I don't want my right arm, coz my teacher told me, it'll stiff, so it better to get injection with left arm, ok so I tried to accept the fate :))
coz manda lil scared, I got scared too =))
well, it lil hurt, and I can't believe it, my arm where the injection got puffy, omg, so hurt, I got headache, I wanna throw up, my face turn into white special my lips =.=

I just realized that I'm not breakfast yet, so I decide to eat after got the injection huaaaaaaaaaaa so sad, I'm crying to feel this pain *lol*
and not too long after I came back to the class, my friends told me that they're feel sick too, but not like me, I think I'm the most feel the pain than them --"

my heart called him......

after came back from the school, I wanna online, but my handphone got a bad signal, so I slept, till at 19.20 he sent me a message but I didn't realized it, till 10.30 T________________T
I'm so sorry, I just read it and he told me as usual before we went slept, so there's 2 messages from him ><
till I dreamed of u, that u sent me a message and asked me "tika, are u alright?" x)
it makes me woke up and open my cellphone....

today I'll going umroh, insya Allah I'll remember what should I say to Allah :)
and his order of pray ^^

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