Sunday, January 24, 2010

bleeding or kegores?

well I dunno what should I write about topic today, but I tell you a small things which is not important :))

ok this morning, when I took out my books, my hand got a stretch on it, omg, at first I just lil shock, but after that, whew, I feel hurt --"
it's not short, little long, the most I feel hurt when I washed it with a wet tissue hahaha

humm before that happens, in the morning when I have my breakfast, it's hot, wheew but because of time, so I ate it fast till I feel burn in my tongue....

oh ya, the annoyed things is, when I having my biology's class, I got slept !
LOL, dunno why, I'm very sleepy at that time till I got sleep --"
and ryan was take a video of me while I'm sleeping, arrrrrrrrrrrrr
even ryan lil shout to wake me up, I still sleep !

hufft, maybe about 15 minutes ! hahahhaha my teacher and my friends, they are not wake me up !
but, when I realized and wake up, I feel fresh, well even tough I only have my sleep 15 minutes :))
wheew, don't u know?
my friends was make a fun of me, they told me that I'm ngigau called him _ _ h _ a _and my teacher looked at me and asked my friends, who is he?

I believe them at first, but my heart can't be lied, so at last I found out my friends just make a fun of me :))

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