Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jaga Perasaan

I know that I'm a sensitive person, but I learn from it, bcause I know myself, so I tried to manage myself to be better and better, but I found out that there's my friend who don't care if someone dislike with her or not, how cool :D
I like it, in Indonesian we called "Cuek"
hahahaha I want this one I have in myself, but my principal said "be a CARE people"
well, but I'm so sensitive, I wanna throw it but I can't but there's a words "jadikan kekurangan itu adalah kelebihan"

how ya?

does it mean "sensitive" so there's a "care" ?
dear God, please help me, I know that You always gimme the best, and please, I wanna manage myself to be better than before ><

buuut the most important I wanna throw this one "LAZY"


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