Tuesday, January 26, 2010

about my class

thankful to Allah, Allah's the one who answer my pray :)
from 1st senior high school I always pray to Allah, hopes that Allah will send me and SIR many friends, specially in my class

and wanna know the result?
the result is, now 3rd of senior high school is the 1st large students in our school Alhamdulillah :)
that's all of course because of Allah ><
since I sit in 1st SHS, I prayed that I wanna have a 12 members in my class, and it's became true, even tough now are about 11 students, but I'm so thankful of it ^^

which class I love the most?
the answer of course my Dulasmangka, my 3rd SHS, coz I've a bad experience when I'm 1st and 2nd shs, don't want to remember, just let it past and hope it'll never happened anymore ^^

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