Thursday, January 7, 2010

me and my heart

I don't understand with my heart, coz my heart sometimes said something that I don't want to  T__________T
that's makes me feel tired of myself, sometimes makes me wanna get it out, and think that I don't wanna keep this heart, I don't wanna have this heart....
but that's when my heart said something negative thing, astaghfirullaah
but I love my heart when my heart always said a positive thing, like thankful to Allah aand so on, when my heart was happy, when I'm in this situation, I wanna always keep my heart, and take care of my heart...

but I hate it when I can't control my heart to stop to said something the bad thing. like loss and out of control :(

actually, I'm happy to be myself, and thankful to Allah ^^
alhamdulillah :)
I want people feel the happiness of this life, and actually, if I take a look of the people around me, there's so many things that I should be thankful to Allah, coz many people don't have what we have, but humans sometimes didn't realized it, and think that Allah's not loyal with them..nauzubillah ><
at the fact, we must be thankful :)
Allah's loyal with us, if we wanna get more of Allah's happiness, so we must be thankful more more and more, be more we always do it, Allah will more love us, more we love Allah, Allah will more more more more love us than our love to Allah :D

so, at last I should be thankful to have my heart :P
well even tough that sometimes I always have a debt with my heart and choose the things that I should or not. but that's how life's work *nyambung g si?*
nothing in this world are PERFECT
everything just need a process, everything always have a 2 sides, negative and positive, agree?


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